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What was the problem our client needed solving…

Our client has developed a range of healthy, ready prepared meals in conjunction with a chain of gyms.

The ready prepared meals are made in a commercial kitchen. Packaged and then needed a way of being transported around the Upper North Island.

The client needed a system to transport the meals whilst keeping them cold and fresh, sometimes for up to 5 hours.

How did we help our client solve their problem…

We introduced them to our range of Polystyrene Boxes and reusable Gel Packs. The Poly Boxes are available in 15 sizes ranging from 1 litre to a large 71 litres.

The reusable gel packs come in a 500gm size and are frozen then packed in the poly boxes with the fresh meals to keep them cold.

Outcome for transporting Ready Made Meals using Polystyrene Boxes…

The client came in with their meal packaging and tried it in a few of the different sized poly boxes so they could work out the best size for the most effective use of space.

Once a poly box size was chosen these and the gel packs were purchased and the client started to roll out their meals throughout the Upper North Island.

The client was very happy with the choice of sizes available and are pleased they are able to reuse the gel packs as they are running a return system with the gym.

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