Premium Storage Case Study

Are you looking for a storage solution for your compostable items while you wait for the collection service?

Compostable nappies, a term we are hearing more of as we all try and do our part to minimise waste and become more conscientious environmental warriors. Nappies account for 1-2 percent of New Zealand’s landfill volume, which equates to a phenomenal 4,900-5,900 per child. But what do you do with the used nappies while you wait for your once a month collection service?

At IFP Group we have a range of 2 wheeled Wheelie Bins that are perfect for all your rubbish and especially your dirty compostable nappies. We recently sold a 360 Litre 2 wheeled Wheelie Bin to a customer that has a monthly collection of compostable nappies that are then taken to a commercial composting facility. Her words were “there is no way I’m having a month’s worth of dirty nappies in the house!” She was extremely happy with the Wheelie Bin and the solution to her nappy problem!

We have on offer a 360 Litre 2 wheeled Wheelie Bin  which is the largest bin you can get on 2 wheels. Imagine how many dirty nappies would fit in that?? Having this bin on 2 wheels means you can easily manoeuvre it around outside in order to have it ready for your collection service.

Wheelie Bin 360 Litres

But if this bin is too big for your requirements or your space, we have smaller options to suit a variety of needs.

A cute, compact 80 Litre Wheelie Bin, perfect for small spaces and sections, a 120 Litre Wheelie Bin, a great popular size. We also carry a unique 140 Litre Wheelie Bin and the ever popular 240 Litre Wheelie Bin.

If you need a plastic bin to sort out your storage issues contact us at IFP Group today.


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