Packaging Options For Food Delivery Businesses

During the pandemic and since the lockdown has been lifted, many hospitality businesses have changed to allow delivery and contactless drop-off. We have a wide range of transit options.

Food delivery services in NZ: The new post-pandemic normal

If you’re working in the hospitality industry during COVID-19, this could be one of the most stressful periods of your working career. With a huge focus on health, safety and stopping the virus spread, there’s more to think about than ever before.

While NZ was in level four lockdown, everyone had to stay at home, and cook their own food. Some people rediscovered their love for cooking, some remembered why they hate it so much. But everyone missed their favourite foods. From KFC and Maccas through to their favourite date scone and latte, there were priorities set that in level three, takeaway food was at the top of  the list of things to do.

While this is great for hospo, it’s created an extra layer of concern. How do you stop staff having close contact in a small kitchen? Can you arrange contactless ordering, payment and delivery? Is there any such thing as safe takeaway food?

Food transport packaging

If you’re operating from a satellite kitchen or running a food delivery service, you need distribution options for getting your food where it needs to be. You need secure, easy to manage, simple to sanitise food safe options.


We have a large range of polystyrene chilly bins in stock, ready to ship. Whether it’s for food transport or you do a contactless drop-off using polystyrene chilly bins to keep the food safe, these are an affordable option. Keep your food items cold, protected from the elements and minimise risk of food poisoning. From a 2.8L polystyrene bin perfect for a meal drop-off, to our massive 71L Hapuka Box chilly bin, there is something to fit your needs. All come with perfectly matching lids, some with in-built handles.

You’ll also need gel ice packs to keep things cool for longer. We have a 1kg ice pack and a 500 gram gel ice pack.

Produce crates

These stackable crates are ideal for all fruit, vegetables, bread and so much more. Vented for airflow, these are made from sturdy food safe polypropylene. This plastic takes the hard knocks of transit, rough handling, or being stored outside. They can be easily cleaned and reused safely.

These crates have reinforced nylon bars for easy lifting and moving, and allow stable stacking when full. The handles fold back to allow nesting when not in use.

18L (600 x 400 x 105mm) produce crate can hold up to 18kg. This is ideal for flowers, pastries, bread, or other delicate items.

38L (600 x 400 x 190mm) produce crate holds up to 20kg. Available in blue.

49L (600 x 400 x 245mm) produce crate holds up to 25kgs. Comes in grey, blue and yellow.

The largest in the range, this 80L (600 x 400 x 390mm) produce crate holds 30kg of product.

Vented and collapsible crates

For transporting fruit, vegetables, bread, or anything else that needs stackable transportation, our vented crates are ideal. Made from food grade polypropylene, these vented crates allow easy lifting and moving of your food products. All of these crates are foldable too, so they are easy to store when not in use, not taking up valuable storage space in your kitchen, warehouse or delivery vehicle.

They are stackable to save space when full in transit, and they have a label holder so it’s easy to identify stock when in storage.

Our 36L crate (600 x 400 x 200mm) is foldable for easy storage. It’s the smallest collapsible crate.

The 40L foldable vented crate (600 x 400 x 220mm) has easy hand grips, and comes in black.

This 48L crate (600 x 400 x 260mm) is the largest in the range. It’s very durable, sturdy, and comes in black.

Other hospitality industry packaging needs

As well as a huge range of food transport options, we have a number of takeaway/ end user containers also. From 2L ‘icecream containers’, water-tight jars for seep-free liquid storage, or screw-lid plastic jars for powders.

If you do need storage crates, vented crates or collapsible vegetable crates, contact us today. We carry items in stock so many products are available for shipping today. We can also personalise and customise our crates for you; if you meet the minimum order amount, we can create items in a specific colour or get them stamped with your logo or brand name. We can help you to decide the best product for your needs, and ensure it meets all your requirements.


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