Gel Packs 500gm and 1kg

If you are shipping temperature sensitive food or pharmaceuticals and need a long lasting freezer ice pack, take a look at the Gel Packs. Available in 500gm or 1kg these come with a cushioned, bubble backing which prevents freezer burn and increases insulation. They are designed to have a slower thaw rate than water-based ice, and they won’t get your goods wet when they defrost.

With the increase in cold chain logistics as people move to ordering more of their fresh food items online, the gel ice pack has been specially formulated to meet this market. They are reusable, non toxic and non staining.

For disposal you can simply snip off the end and put the gel into the rubbish bin. The plastic outer can be rinsed and put in your nearest soft plastics recycling. A great long lasting solution for keeping your goods chilled and fresh.

gel ice pack 1kg 1

Hydratable Ice Packs

You can’t beat our Dry Ice Packs for cost effective shipping and storing. Shipped in cartons while they are dry they incur a much lower transport cost due to being lightweight. When you are ready to use, simply soak in water for 5 minutes to hydrate then freeze. Once frozen they are flexible enough to be wrapped around your chilled items or packed on and around them to keep them cold in transit.

The flexible sheet is made of individual cells filled with a Non-Toxic Super Absorbent Polymer which when soaked in water, absorbs it and can then be frozen and used as a replacement for ice for periods up to 2 days. They are also an ideal and cost effective alternative to traditional Ice Packs and are reusable if maintained properly.

Superior in performance and with a large 65mm x 55mm cell size, the Hydratable Ice Packs offer  three layer technology – plastic film on the front, non woven material in the middle and an extra layer of plastic film on the back of the sheet.

Available in five size configurations to suit all of your requirements:

190x150mm Sheet 3×2 Cells | 260x150mm Sheet 2×4 Cells | 390x150mm Sheet 6×2 Cells | 390x300mm Sheet 6×4 Cells | 390x300mm Sheet 6×4 Cells Perforated




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