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Plastic Pails Provide Versatility and Innovation for Your Business

If you’re a food processer or an industry that requires secure storage of liquids, then pails are the easy, cost effective, and safe option.

Save Space

Plastic pails are sturdy, with strong lids that make the entire structure stackable. This means that you can save space on storage (and in transit) by being able to stack pails. This affect is increased when you use square pails, as you take up every square centimetre of space.

Safe Storage and Transit

Part of the appeal of pails is that they are incredibly secure. The lid fits on snugly, meaning there’s no risk of the lids coming off in storage or transit. There is also the option of tamper evident lids, so there is no risk of contamination.

Cost Effective

Buying quality plastic pails saves money in the long run. Not only are you helping to protect against loss of product, but the containers are re-usable. Unlike disposable cardboard or flimsy plastic that only lasts for one use, investing in quality pails reduces supply chain costs.

Also because they are stackable and sturdy, they take up less storage or transit space. They can be nested when not in use too.

Less Wasted Product

With secure lids comes secure storage and transit, which means less risk of product loss. If lids are not securely in place, they risk letting air in which spoils products, allows pest entry, and spillage.

There can be concerns about product spoilage too, especially with metal pails or non-foodsafe plastics. Our polypropylene food-grade standard plastic pails won’t degrade, ruse, leach chemicals, and are impervious to NZ’s hot summers and cold winters.


Here at IFP, we do in mould labelling, which means you can have branding on both the base and lid outside of your pail. Because there’s no paper or plastic label, it won’t get torn or fall off, keeping your product looking smart for a long, long time.


As NZ increasing looks at cutting back on waste plastic, our polypropylene (number 5) pails are 100% recyclable. This creates a sustainable packaging product which helps to reduce waste and landfill. Also, because they are sturdy, they are great to repurpose, whether it’s at home in the kitchen, for crafts, in the workshop, or shed.

Made in NZ

IFP’s round pails are made in NZ. This not only means you’re supporting local business, but you’re helping decrease the number of miles something has travelled to get to you. Shop local and save valuable KM on your carbon footprint.

What Plastic Pails Do You Need?

At IFP we have a massive range.

Square Pails
Round Pails

Contact IFP For Round and Square Pails

With years of experience helping businesses find the best solutions for their packaging and distribution, we can help you too. If you’re looking for pails to allow for safe, secure, space-saving, and cost effective storage, contact us today. We even offer in-mould labelling for the most robust branding option.


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