Gel Pack Ice 500 grams

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• Reusable 500gm gel ice pack
• Cushioned backing prevents freezer burn
• Thaws slower than conventional ice, with no mess
• 190mm x 150mm

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Ensure the freshness of your goods with our polystyrene chilly bins paired with these  popular and convenient, reusable 500gm gel ice packs. These ice packs offer several advantages over traditional ice methods. Their cushioned backing helps to maintain a consistent temperature and also aids in preventing freezer burn whilst enhancing insulation. Unlike regular ice, they have a slower thaw rate and won’t leave your items soggy.

What’s more, these gel ice packs are designed with safety in mind. They are non-toxic and won’t stain your belongings. These packs are eco-friendly and reusable, making them a sustainable choice. Keep them in your freezer for future use during camping trips, picnics, or whenever you need to keep something chilled. Their versatility ensures they’ll be a valuable addition to your cooling needs, time and time again. Invest in freshness, convenience, and sustainability with our polystyrene chilly boxes and reusable gel ice packs.


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