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Hydratable Ice Pack Wraps

$0.44$456.00 excl. GST

  • Hydratable in water
  • Cost effective to ship & store
  • Different size options available
  • Reusable


Sheet Size

195x150mm (3×2 cells), 260x150mm (2×4 cells), 390x150mm (6×2 cells), 390x300mm (6×4 cells), 390x300mm (6×4 cells) perforated


Single sheet, Half Carton, Full Carton

Ice Pack Wraps are commonly known as hydratable ice packs. They are flexible sheets made up of individual cells that contain a non-toxic super absorbent polymer, which when soaked in water for approximately 5 minutes absorbs the water and hydrates. The sheets are then simply frozen and applied to your perishables and other products to help maintain freshness and a cold temperature level during packaging, transportation and storage. Used as a replacement for ice for periods up to 2 days and they are also an ideal and cost effective alternative to gel ice packs, and are reusable if maintained properly.

Three layer technology – plastic film on the front, non woven material in the middle and an extra layer of plastic film on the back of the sheet.

Sheet SizeHalf Carton QtyFull Carton Qty
195 x 150mm6001200
260 x 150mm450900
390 x 150mm300600
390 x 300mm150300
390 x 300mm Perforated150300




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