Trigger Sprayers and Bottles are for More Than Just COVID Sanitizing

Alongside masks and hand sanitiser, COVID has made trigger bottles and sprayers a very common sight in stores, gyms, and other public spaces.

In the wake of COVID, customers may find it reassuring to have spray bottles filled with sanitiser at their disposal. Customers appreciate that you care about them enough that you ensure door handles, shopping baskets, EFTPOS machine, and surfaces in -store and all sparkling clean and sanitised.

However, there is more to trigger sprayers than just COVID protection and it’s also important to remember that not all trigger sprayers are created equal.

Hair and Beauty

Hairdressers need water spray bottles to ensure a good quality cut. Beauticians need to apply toners and other liquid products in an evenly distributed way.


Whether it’s for watering a delicate orchid or applying a remedy for rust, spray bottles are extremely useful. Have a range with solutions ready to go: A hot chilli aphid killer, a mild bleach for rust, or whatever else you commonly use. Have them labelled and ready to go when insects appear.

General Cleaning

If you are a commercial cleaner, or just someone trying to keep a clean and tidy home, having a number of spray bottles is a must. Keeping a range of different liquids for a variety of cleaning tasks makes cleaning much easier. Window cleaner, bathroom and kitchen surface cleaner, white vinegar, or even creating a customised air freshener using essential oils.

A Trigger Sprayer for Every Occasion

Here at IFP Group, we offer a wide range of triggers and bottles that suit every requirement. The trigger heads are easy to hold and use, which is vital for those who frequently use sprayer bottles, or for repetitive tasks.

Some of our range are colour coded, making it easy to have a range of bottles that are all easily identifiable. They come in a range of sizes and are made from hard wearing and fully recyclable polypropylene. The dip tubes can be cut to length.

This range is durable and ideal for commercial and industrial uses. Also, chat to us about using our range for retail product packaging, there’s no fuss, no mess, and no need for your customers to source their own bottles.

Standard Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayer 28/400 with a 270mm dip tube, output of 1.1cc is adjustable from spray to jet stream and is available in blue, red, yellow, black and white.

Trigger Sprayer 28/410 comes with a 260mm dip tube that can be cut shorter if required. A general purpose, easy to grip trigger sprayer available in white only.

Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayer 28/400 Chemical Resistant with a 225mm dip tube. Can be used to solvents as it uses Viton® seals. Available in black. Adjustable from a spray mist to a jet stream.

Combo Deals

Check out our pre packed combo deals. Save time by ordering these trigger and bottle combinations.

Chemical Resistant Trigger & 1 Litre Bell Bottle handy 1 litre bottle in a bell shape teamed up with our chemical resistant trigger – great for all types of cleaners and chemicals

500ml Bottle & Chemical Resistant Trigger great for cleaning fluids and other chemicals  teamed up with a conveniently sized 500ml spray bottle

Pair with Our Fantastic Range of Bottles

We have a number of options for bottles too, which you can choose to suit the task. Whether it’s a calibrated spray bottle or a large 1250ml bottle with measuring graduations, there is something for every scenario.

Contact us to Chat

We have a good range of trigger bottles and sprayers and if you require something different we can try and find specific or specialized items for you too. Give us a call on 09 636 9193, drop us an email on or contact us via our Contact Form. We are happy to chat about the options we have, and help you get the products you need.



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