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This month’s featured product includes our new Lamson Range of Business shelving storage bins and Louvred shelving panels. Enquire with our team today for further product information. Or visit our Penrose, Auckland Showroom.

Business shelving storage bins

This extensive range of semi open-front plastic storage bins are made in New Zealand. Molded from virgin grade polypropylene and are extremely strong and durable.

All these shelving storage bins have no sharp corners are UV resistant and very easy to clean. Also resistant to most industrial oils and acids. And will withstand normal sterilising methods in hospitals and most medical applications.

All the four bright colours are designed to simplify warehouse coding, sorting and identification. While full-size bins can easily be divided using drop in dividers.

The cross divided size 4 bin is now available in 3 lengths; 230mm, 300mm & 400mm. Width 120mm, height 125mm. Ideal for Kanban systems or similar inventory management systems.

Bin Sizes

Size 2 3zd 3z 4 5 6


500 350 350 230 165 95


310 465 210 150 100 100


200 150 150 125 80 55

Louvred Shelving Panels

Louvred Panels are great for maximising storage in warehouses, workshops and storage rooms.  Panels can be butted up to each other to create a large area of paneling. Panels are manufactured from 1.6mm thick powder coated mild steel.

The louvred panels come in five sizes. You can work out how many bins you can fit on each panel using the matrix below.  Each side of the mobile trolley and free standing rack are equivalent to an LP5.

Size 6 Size 5 Size 4 Size 3z Size 3zd Size 2
LP1 (300w x 600h) 18 18 8 3 n/a 2
LP2 (450w x 600h) 24 24 12 6 3 2
LP3 (600w x 600h) 36 36 16 9 n/a 4
LP4 (450w x 900h) 36 36 18 10 5 4
LP5 (600w x 1200h) 72 72 32 18 n/a 10

If you do not have enough wall space, be sure to order the mobile trolleys.

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