So what has everyone been doing since the latest lockdown has had us all trapped within the four walls of our homes, scrambling for that one walk a day where we can feel the breeze on our face and pretend that all is normal (for want of a better word) in the world? Well it seems that a lot of us have been having that massive cleanout of our houses, garages, flats, and business premises and all needed wheelie bins to help us in these efforts.

We love wheelie bins and more than anything we love the wheelie bins that we stock. Why? Because we know they are great quality and strong and durable and that they do everything they are supposed to do and more, if that is actually possible for a wheelie bin!

And what’s not to love? Here at IFP Group we have a wide range of sizes, including a 360 Litre two wheeled wheelie bin (trying saying that quickly over and over – two wheeled wheelie bin, two wheeled wheelie bin….) which is the largest size you can get with only two wheels.

Ok, so here is a run down on the fantastic features of our range of wheelie bins:

  • Manufactured from HDPE – which is High Density Polyethylene – and for those of us who don’t know what that is here’s a quick guide to all you need to know about HDPE:
    • HDPE is athermoplastic polymer produced from the monomer ethylene – which means “really strong plastic”
    • It is UV resistant, odourless, insipid, non leaching, resistant to most chemicals, light and flexible, and has a high resistance to impacts as it is amazingly durable
    • The most common uses of HDPE are plastic bottles, kids playground equipment & toys, outdoor furniture, chemical containers, wheelie and recycling bins, pipes (used in the construction industry) and plant pots
    • With recycling #2 it is 100% recyclable
    • HDPE does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals or allergens
    • It is the most environmentally stable of all plastics and does not give off any harmful fumes into the environment

All of this in a wheelie bin. Wow! And they feature a unique honeycomb underlip, which is that extra bit around the top edge which offers strength and two strong handles to drive the bins around easily. And that is why we are such big fans of our wheelie bins. Righto, next let’s check out the sizes we have available. We have tried to get the best and most popular sizes for you to help make your life easier!

Starting with this small but efficiently cute 80 Litre wheelie bin – available in a range of colours, this will also easily fit in your car should you want to collect it from us or take it somewhere. And remember all of these bins are food grade so if you are a bakery or food processing company these bins are a great option for storing ingredients.

The 120 Litre and 140 Litre are the next up in the size range. Again, these are available in a range of colours so you can colour code for recycling/compost/general rubbish or whatever your waste identification colour system is.

Most popular is the 240 Litre wheelie bin, the size most of us are familiar with for our kerbside recycling or garden waste bins at home. Also fantastic for businesses, as they are a larger size they won’t get full so quickly and they’re sturdy and tough for things like tiles or metal scraps. There really are very few limitations.

Now the last of the 2 wheeled variety is the 360 Litre. I sold one of these to a family that used them to store their babies compostable nappies in – outside of the house of course – as they were only collected once a week and they didn’t fancy the stink inside. So they really can be used for almost anything!

With our “biggie” four wheeled wheelie bins we have two sizes on offer. Now these ones are pretty big and not your garden variety domestic bin. Great for commercial businesses as they are volume a-plenty and of course with four wheels they offer excellent manoeuvrability and have braking wheels so they won’t be rolling over to the people next door – as long as you use the brakes! In 660 Litre and 1100 Litre we are covering the most useful and popular sizes we have found that businesses use.

And that folks, is a wheelie simple run down on our popular, and super useful range of wheelie bins.


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