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Pail Round 2.2 Litre IML (In Mould Labelled)

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• Fully recyclable
• Increased shelf appeal
• Excellent for fridge or freezer
• Available on base and lid
• MOQ’s apply

Height (mm)





Polypropylene (100% Recyclable), Suitable for Food Contact


Custom colours available (MOQ applies)

In-Mould Labelling

IML is available on this product (MOQ applies)

In-Mould Labelling (IML) on polypropylene (PP) pails is an innovative and efficient packaging solution that offers several advantages for various industries. IML involves placing a pre-printed label directly into the mould before injecting the molten polypropylene material, creating a seamless integration of label and container.

Polypropylene pails are already favoured for their durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to chemicals, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, such as storing and transporting paints, adhesives, chemicals, and food products. The addition of In-Mould Labelling enhances their appeal further.

IML labelling provides several benefits. Firstly, the labels are highly resistant to wear and tear as they are part of the pail, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments. Secondly, the labels offer vibrant, high-resolution graphics, branding, and product information that remain vivid throughout the pail’s lifecycle. This makes them particularly attractive for retail packaging where visual appeal matters.

IML on polypropylene pails contributes to sustainability efforts, as it reduces the need for additional packaging materials. They are also a fully recyclable product. In-Mould Labelling on polypropylene pails combines the durability and versatility of PP containers with the aesthetics and functionality of high-quality labels. It is a compelling choice for industries seeking robust, visually appealing, and sustainable packaging solutions.


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