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Looking for a new hobby that will stretch your imagination and take you outdoors but without having to get your heart rate up too high? Have you thought about becoming a treasure hunter? Hit your local beaches with a metal detector and a shovel and see what treasures bestow you.

We all remember a day out at the beach, kneeling in the sand behind our half finished sandcastles when we spotted them. Usually a lone figure carrying a weird looking gadget, wearing some massive headphones and looking down, not enjoying the beauty that the beach had to offer but instead fixated on the ground, looking very seriously for something. But what? That seems to be the million dollar question.

It turns out that metal detecting is a world wide hobby. There are clubs and even competitions and it seems that most treasure hunters keep everything they find, no matter how valuable, so there is definitely no million dollar answer. The thrill is in the find not the dollar value.

Metal detect

So if you’re wanting to start this hobby check out a couple of our items that will help you get organised.

The Heavy Duty Shovel the perfect companion that  won’t set your metal detector off and is so strong a truck can run over it and it will still be in one piece and be usable.

We also have a range of collapsible crates for storing your gear in, great for the car ride and stacking away in the garage.

To all the avid beachcombers, out there with their metal detectors, leisurely strolling along in the afternoon sun with the singular thought of finding that magical treasure, we wish you the best of luck!


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