Free coffee voucher

Leaving the restaurant last week, the owner said to me “Don’t forget to review us on Facebook!” We all know reviews play an important role in how we find new restaurants, plan holidays, and research our next purchase. Local business is no different. Just as you would read reviews of the next restaurant you eat at, other people are reading reviews of another local business.

I would really appreciate your review on the IFP Group Google Maps page or our Facebook Page (also click Recommend next to Follow). To say thanks I’ll send you a *$10 Mojo Coffee Voucher. Post your review to our Google Maps page and Facebook page and you’ll receive two $10 vouchers!

Most definitely yes! I’m happy to give a 5 star rating and get my coffee voucher, click here.

Best regards,
Ivan Papich
Managing Director.

*Mojo Coffee Voucher. Two vouchers per user limit. $20 maximum or equivalent. Reviews subject to moderation.

Please note this offer is only reserved for IFP Group customers and business partners.

Free coffee voucher


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