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Polystyrene Chilly Bin 10 Litre Midi Bin (No Handle)

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• 10 litre capacity Midi Bin
• Keeps goods cool in transit
• Expanded polystyrene material (EPS)
• Complete with airtight polystyrene lid
• Made in New Zealand

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Length (mm)

290int, 330ext

Width (mm)

225int, 270ext

Height (mm)

165int, 220ext



Pack Size



Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

The 10 litre Midi Bin is expertly crafted from food-grade approved expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material is the ultimate choice for ensuring the preservation of your goods’ freshness while in transit. Remarkably lightweight, insulating, and cushioning, the Midi Bin offers an optimal solution for transporting a diverse range of fresh and frozen food products.

The EPS construction of the 10L Midi Bin is characterised by its exceptional insulating properties, which excel at maintaining the desired temperature of your contents. Whether you’re transporting fresh produce or frozen delicacies, this bin is up to the task, safeguarding your items with the utmost care.

This Midi Bin comes complete with all the qualities you need for a successful transit. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle, while its insulating properties keep your goods cool throughout their journey. When it comes to preserving product quality during transport, trust in the 10-Litre Midi Bin crafted from food-grade approved EPS. Experience the reliability, convenience, and effectiveness of our solution, designed to meet your cooling needs.

Vol Length Width Height
Int. 10L 290 225 165
Ext .025m3 330 270 220


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