In North Canterbury there is an amazing group of community spirited people running a charity called Satisfy Food Rescue ( Set up in 2014, this group of four part time workers aided by up to 35 volunteers, pick up useable but unsellable food from supermarkets, produce markets, growers and other food outlets, re organize them and distribute to 27 different organisations within the North Canterbury area.

Community organisations such as food banks, community groups and school breakfast clubs are just a few of the recipients of this great service.

Satisfy Food Rescue collects 12-14 tonnes of food a month, food that would otherwise go to waste or end up in landfill and the best part is, it’s helping hungry people.

Also on board are local organisations such as the Oxford Lions. These dedicated volunteers grew around 10 tonnes of potatoes for the charity and are keen to double this amount this year. Check out how many potatoes there are here!

satisfy food rescue charity potatoes

Now who doesn’t like a delicious baked potato? Hands up!

Satisfy Food Rescue also work with the New Zealand Food Network ( which is a National Charity that provides well needed bulk deliveries to Satisfy Food Rescue. Since the earthquakes the team have sadly seen a sharp increase in the need for food parcels and food banks.

We were fortunate here at IFP Group to have been contacted by the Satisfy Food Rescue Charity for assistance with the supply of heavy duty bins for use in storing and transporting food items. Always keen to support great community initiatives we certainly did want to be involved.

It’s easy to see that this is a team of committed individuals who love to help and believe strongly in social justice. Keep it up Satisfy Food Rescue, you are an inspiration to us all!

satisfy food rescue2


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