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Wheelie Bin 80 Litre *

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• UV stabilised HDPE
• Selection of colours
• Solid rubber wheels
• Great for waste management programmes

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Black, Yellow, Dark Green, Red

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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

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Black, Dark Green, Red, Yellow

Two-wheeled wheelie bins offer a range of practical advantages that enhance waste management systems. Firstly, their compact design and sturdy wheels make them easily manoeuvrable, simplifying the collection process for both residents, businesses and waste collection trucks. The 80L bin is a compact and manageable size which will fit in small spaces optimising space utilisation. Secondly, these bins promote waste segregation and recycling efforts and are perfect for businesses’ waste management programmes with separate bins and colour coding for various waste streams, such as recyclables and organic waste. Waste and rubbish can be effectively sorted and managed, contributing to environmentally responsible practices.

The hinged lids on two-wheeled wheelie bins aid in containing odours, preventing pests from accessing the waste. This feature maintains cleanliness and reduces potential health hazards. Manufactured from UV stabilised HDPE, their durable construction from weather-resistant materials ensures a longer lifespan, saving costs in replacement and maintenance. The 80L two-wheeled wheelie bin helps streamline waste collection, encourage recycling, and improve hygiene standards, making them a valuable asset to your waste management systems.

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