Lamson Bin Size 6
Lamson Bin Size 6

Lamson Bin Size 6

$1.98 excl. GST

• Smallest sized bin, ideal for storing screws, nuts, bolts etc.
• Fits Lamson louvred panels & bin holders
• UV-resistant high density polypropylene
• Made in New Zealand


Yellow, Blue, Red, Green








Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

Pack Size


Introducing the Lamson bins – a practical solution for efficient storage and organization of tools and miscellaneous items within the workplace. Specifically, the Size 6 bin stands out as our smallest variant, catering to the storage needs of small screws, bolts, nuts, and electronic components.

Made in New Zealand from high-density virgin grade polypropylene, these robust bins offer unparalleled durability. Resistant to rust and UV rays, they are made to endure challenging industrial settings. Their easy-clean and sterilization features ensure a hygienic storage solution.

Available in red, blue, green, and yellow, the size 6 bins allow for a systematic sorting approach through a colour-coded system. This not only enhances visibility but also streamlines inventory management.

Versatile in application, the Size 6 bins seamlessly fit into any Lamson louvred panel or bin holder. For further customisation, the addition of the Size 6 Divider (available separately) allows users to create two distinct compartments within the bin, enhancing organisation and efficiency. Enhance your storage solutions with Lamson bins – combining quality, functionality, and adaptability for a seamless workplace experience.


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