Stack and Nest Crate 68 Litre AP15 Red
Stack and Nest Crate 68 Litre AP15 Red Stack and Nest Crate 68 Litre AP15 Stack and Nest Crate 68 Litre AP15 Stack and Nest Crate 68 Litre AP15

Stack and Nest Bin 68 Litre AP15

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• Food grade polypropylene
• Stacks and nests
• Colour range available
• Lid sold separately – Sku 18130100000


Natural, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)





Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

Pack Size


Manufactured from food grade polypropylene, the robust 68L Stack and Nest bins offer an ideal solution for storing and transporting large quantities of food items and various goods. When not in use, simply nest these bins to optimise space, maximising efficiency in storage areas. When full they are easily stacked, ensuring stability and ease of access. Available in a diverse range of colours, these bins cater to individual preferences and organisational needs, enhancing visual management and workflow efficiency.

With a weight capacity of 68 kilograms, these bins accommodate heavy loads with ease, providing reliability and durability in demanding environments. For added versatility, these bins are compatible with the No.7/No.10/AP15 Lid (sold separately), offering enhanced protection and containment for stored contents, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained.

Whether in food processing facilities, warehouses, or logistical operations, these 68L Stack and Nest bins prove indispensable, offering a versatile storage solution that adapts to various industries and applications. Their sturdy construction and practical design make them a dependable choice for businesses seeking efficient and reliable storage solutions for bulk quantities of goods. Simplify your storage and transportation processes with these versatile bins, designed to meet the demands of modern businesses with efficiency and convenience.


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