Stack and Nest Crate 32 Litres Red AP7
Stack and Nest Crate 32 Litres Red AP7

Stack and Nest Bin 32 Litre No.7

$25.90 excl. GST

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• Manufactured from food grade PP
• Nests when empty, stacks when full
• Other colours available
• Lid sold separately


White, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)





Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

Pack Size


Lid Sku


These robust 32L Stack and Nest storage bins are tailored for storing and transporting a variety of goods including food items and industrial products. Made from durable food grade polypropylene, these bins are designed to withstand rigorous use. When empty, they nest seamlessly saving space, and when filled, they stack efficiently maximising your storage capacity. With a weight capacity of up to 32kgs, these bins offer dependable containment for a range of items, ensuring secure transportation and storage.

For added versatility, the stack and nest bins are compatible with separately sold No.7/10/15L lids, allowing for versatile options to seal in and protect the contents. Available in a selection of colours, they can be customised to fit your storage system, facilitating simple and efficient organisation and identification of stored items. The durable construction provides longevity, making the bins a reliable choice for demanding storage requirements in various industries.

Whether you’re in the food industry or managing industrial goods, our 32L Stack and Nest storage bins provide a versatile and durable solution that prioritises both efficiency and reliability. With their ability to optimise space, withstand heavy loads, and accommodate different lid sizes, these bins offer practicality and convenience for a wide range of storage needs.


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