Lamson Size 3zd Front Flap

Lamson Size 3zd Front Flap

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• Designed for use with the 3zd Lamson bin
• Use in front slots to increase bin capacity
• Polycarbonate construction
• New Zealand made
• Can be used in conjunction with dividers

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Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

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Optimise the storage potential of your size 3z Lamson bin by incorporating this practical front flap, purposefully designed to enhance its capacity. Made from durable polycarbonate, the front flap boasts strength and resilience, ensuring longevity and reliability in your organisational setup. Its transparent construction allows for easy visibility, enabling a quick and convenient view of the bin’s contents.

Renowned for its versatility, the front flap seamlessly accommodates the use of dividers, which can be purchased separately. This feature enables you to customise the internal layout of the size 3z Lamson bin according to your specific organisational requirements. Whether dividers are in place or not, the clear polycarbonate front flap remains fully functional, providing a consistent and adaptable solution for efficient storage.

Experience the practical benefits of this front flap as it effortlessly integrates into your storage system. Elevate both the capacity and accessibility of your size 3z Lamson bin with this intelligently designed accessory. Its robust construction and compatibility with dividers make it an invaluable addition to your organisational toolkit, ensuring a seamless blend of strength and versatility in your storage solutions.


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