Enviro Storage Crate 52 Litres Flat Bottom AP10FBR

Stack and Nest Bin 52 Litre No.10R Recycled

$25.67 excl. GST

• 100% recycled polypropylene
• Nests when empty for space savings
• Available in black only
• Lids available, sold separately

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Polypropylene (Recycled)

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The enviro stack and nest bins are the perfect solution for all your general storage needs. Constructed from 100% recycled, robust, and durable polypropylene, these bins are designed with practicality and sustainability in mind. When empty, these bins can be nested together to save maximum space, making them ideal for environments where storage efficiency is crucial. When full, they can be securely stacked, ensuring stability and effective use of space.

These bins not only offer functionality but also contribute to environmental sustainability. By utilising recycled materials, they help reduce waste and promote the reuse of valuable resources. This eco-friendly approach aligns with a commitment to responsible consumption and sustainable practices, making these bins an excellent choice for those who prioritise environmental stewardship.

Whether you need storage solutions for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes, the enviro stack and nest bins provide a versatile and efficient option. Their durable construction ensures they can handle heavy-duty storage tasks, while their design allows for easy organisation and space management. Available in a sleek, modern design, these bins combine practicality with a stylish appearance, fitting seamlessly into any setting.

Choose the enviro stack and nest bins for a storage solution that is both strong and sustainable. These bins meet high standards of durability and efficiency, ensuring your storage needs are met while also caring for the planet. Make a responsible choice with our enviro stack and nest bins, the perfect blend of functionality and environmental consciousness.


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