Dunnage Racks
Dunnage Racks Dunnage Racks Dunnage Racks

• Dunnage racks in four sizes.
• Great for cool stores.
• Keep your goods off the floor.
• Improve your food safety.
• Size 1: 760 x 533x300mm load 600 kgs
• Size 2: 915 x 533x300mm load 600 kgs
• Size 3: 1220 x 533x300mm load 1200 kgs
• Size 4: 1520 x 533x300mm load 1200 kgs



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)



High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Weight Capacity



Available on indent only

Pack Size


Cool store Dunnage’s are an important way to improve your food safety. Storing goods on the floor can lead to damp or wet product, which ends up as waste. These strong Dunnage’s made from HDPE sort out this issue. They can be easily cleaned if needed by water blasting or steam cleaning. Black colour only for easy clean. Available in four sizes that will help with your floor coverage needs. Dunnage’s are not only limited to cool stores, they are a good solution for warehousing situations where product can get contaminated if on the floor. At IFP Group we have many solutions for food safety and storage. Contact our team if there is any other information you are looking for around product storage.


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