200L Ezi-action® Drum Pump

$153.95 excl. GST

  • Ezi-action® Drum Pump
  • Continuous fast flow
  • Empties contents complete
  • Includes safety device
  • Comes with 3 adaptor fittings

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Output per stroke

400ml (15oz)

Maximum depth neck to bottom

930mm (36 inches)

Width of spout

20mm (Spout opening fits 25mm/1 inch diameter extender hose)

Width of case pipe

41mm (1 1/2 inch)

Weight per pump


The Ezi-action® 200L drum pump provides an uncomplicated and safe way to dispense your liquids when stored in large containers. It is very effective at emptying out all of the liquid contents of the container meaning nothing is wasted and is suitable for 200 litre (55 gallon) and 100 litre (30 gallon) drums. Made from FDA approved polypropylene and polyethylene it has a high resistance to chemicals and is safe for storing liquid food products.

Due to the way the pump sits vertically in the drum there is no bending required resulting in a greatly reduced risk of back injury when the liquid is being dispensed and heavy drums can  remain in a safe upright position. A true double action pump it delivers on the up and down stroke offering a continuous fast flow.

Comes with these three adaptor fittings:
1x Dual fitting with 55mm medium thread, and 58mm fine thread (MBSP)
1x 63mm coarse thread
1x 69mm coarse thread