Jug 2 Litre

Jug 2 Litre Pourmaxx

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• Strong level of chemical resistance
• Non drip spout
• Easy hold handle grip
• Raised measuring graduations

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Height (mm)


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Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

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The 2 litre capacity measuring jug stands out as a popular choice, combining robustness with practicality through its polypropylene construction. This jug, known for its versatility, is not only food grade but also shatter resistant, ensuring longevity and reliability in various applications. Additionally, its UV stability and recyclability contribute to its eco-friendly profile.

Distinguished by its commendable resistance to a diverse range of agricultural and commercial chemicals, this jug proves itself as a resilient companion across different industries. The presence of raised measuring graduations enhances user convenience, facilitating easy and accurate measurement readings for precision in tasks.

The jug’s thoughtful design extends to its user-friendly features, including smooth pouring and a remarkably strong handle. These attributes make it a versatile option suitable for a spectrum of measuring and pouring tasks. Whether employed in small or large endeavours, this 2 litre measuring jug offers a harmonious blend of durability, accuracy and adaptability, making it an indispensable asset for a variety of purposes.


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