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Still using cardboard boxes for storage and shipping? There’s a better way.

Vented crates are the future of NZ’s freight and transport for bakery, produce, and a whole host of other products. They are time, money, and back-saving, as well as being environmentally friendly. There’s ten ways they’ll help your business grow and thrive.

1. Health and Safety

Vented crates helps businesses meet their health and safety criteria. Vented crates are easily hosed off, cleaned and ready to go again. There’s soil and bugs when moving fruit and vegetables, but vented crates can easily be washed off. They can even be sanitized, making them ideal for food storage or transit.

They also make it easier to lift and move things, no big, huge boxes that you need two people to move, so there’s no worries about lifting injuries.

2. Easy Lifting and Moving

Unlike cardboard, plastic crates take a beating. You can load them up and they won’t collapse or cave in. They’ve got handles that won’t rip, and a set size so you know how much weight is easy for people to move.

3. Easy Storage and Stacking Abilities

Most vented crates are designed to stack. This not only makes transit a breeze, but also storage. There’s no collapsing of stacks like cardboard does, no unbalanced loads, just standardised sizes and secure stacking.

Also, some of these crates can be nested when not in use or folded down, saving space when in storage. It also means once they have been unloaded, they can be returned empty and nested, saving huge amounts of space while in transit. There are even collapsible crates for the ultimate in space saving.

4. Great for the Environment

Cardboard boxes are a one hit wonder. Trees are cut down, processed into boxes, and transited to your location for only one use. Unlike hard-wearing plastic which just keeps on going and going for years. Better yet, using crates made from recycled plastic closes the loop, and then crates can be recycled at the end of their life too. You can meet your sustainability goals by using plastic. Yes, really.

5. Long Lasting and Robust

There’s no worries about cardboard getting mouldy or disintegrating in a chiller. Plastic is hard-wearing, isn’t affected by hot warehouse temperatures or humidity in the chiller. If you are using these crates for produce, the design means you can use these in ripening rooms too.

6. From Transit to Shelf

Bread and vegetables are frequently transported in crates. And, then, straight from the truck with the crate as the shelf. Less handling, less opportunity for damage, and a heap of time savings.

7. No Product Damage

With strong sides, these crates keep even the softest of breads (or eggs) safe from damage. Also, because they are vented, there’s less likelihood of mould forming. Airflow means produce arrives fresh and undamaged.

8. Economical

You can buy a 38L box from Bunnings for a few dollars. You can buy in bulk and the cost per item reduces. But even after only 14 uses, our 38L produce crate will pay itself off and continue to be used for years. That represents a substantial saving.

9. Branding

Our crates can come in a huge range of colours (minimum order quantities do apply) and they can be branded with your logo. Not only do they look great and increase brand awareness, but they also are always going to return to you. Unlike unbranded items that can end up going AWOL, branded crates are unlikely to be repurposed.

10. Easy to See What’s in the Box

Those vents allow you to see what’s inside. No need to poke around or move crates or unstack anything; you can see at a glance what is in there.

What’s the Best Crate for You?

You should be very crateful there are so many options. It’s easy to find the right size and functionality across our broad range of crates.

If you’re not sure what will be the best option for your needs, give us a call. We have years of experience matching products (and plastic crates in NZ) to customers, ensuring the items meet your needs.


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