Measuring Scoop 50ml Clear
Measuring Scoop 50ml Clear

Measuring Scoop 50ml

$0.46 excl. GST

• FDA approved
• Size range available
• Measure accurately
• Food contact safe


Clear, Blue

Length (mm)


Diameter (mm)





Suitable for Food Contact

Pack Size

50, 1000

Check out our extensive selection of measuring and dispensing solutions, catering to a wide spectrum of needs. Our product range spans from substantial 2kg scoops to compact in-packaging ingredient scoops, ensuring versatility in application. Among these offerings is our 50ml scoop, forming part of a comprehensive series ranging from 5ml upwards. Made from FDA-approved materials, these scoops guarantee compliance with food safety standards and boast a maximum usage temperature of 100 degrees Celsius in food contact settings.

Remarkably lightweight and available in both clear and blue variants, these scoops offer not only practicality but also visual appeal. The reusability feature enhances sustainability, allowing customers the option of multiple uses. Approved by the FDA for safe contact with food, these scoops can be conveniently included with the packed product. Especially designed for those seeking a direct dispensing solution from the packaging, our 50ml scoop stands as the ideal choice. Enhance your product presentation and user experience with this versatile and compliant measuring and dispensing solution from IFP Group.


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