Measuring Scoop 150ml

$0.71 excl. GST

• Measure with accuracy
• FDA approved
• Food contact safe
• Size range available



Clear, Blue

Length (mm)


Diameter (mm)





Suitable for Food Contact

Pack Size

50, 1000

For precise and effortless measuring, explore our 150ml clear plastic measuring scoop—an excellent choice when accuracy matters. Manufactured from food-grade polypropylene, these scoops are not only reliable but also feature a practical flat bottom, ensuring stability on various surfaces. This design element enhances the user experience, allowing for easy and accurate measurements.

Within our range, we offer various sizes starting from 5ml, providing options to suit diverse measurement needs. The 150ml scoop is particularly well suited for measuring protein powders, spices, teas, coffees, milk powders, cleaning powders, liquids, oils and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your kitchen or any setting where precise measurements are crucial.

Rest assured, our clear plastic measuring scoop is FDA approved, meeting stringent standards for food safety. This ensures that you can confidently use it for handling a variety of food and non-food items without compromising on health and safety. Strengthen your measuring experience with this reliable and versatile tool, designed to simplify the process of accurately measuring a wide range of substances with ease and precision.


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