Lid for Crate 54 Litre Stack and Nest Fish Bin Rapid Range

Lid for 54 Litre Stack and Nest Rapid Range

$8.63 $6.90 incl. GST

• Lid fits the 54L Rapid Range Crate
• Made in NZ in PP recycle number 5
• Food safe
• End of line – available stock only

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The Rapid Range products gives you economy but still with industrial quality. The 54 litre Lid suits the 54 litre Stack and Nest Crate part number 18134340000. This bin comes in Blue, Black, Green, Red and Yellow and is medium weight. All the colours are food grade apart from the Black. The lid comes in Clear only and is food grade. 54 litre is a handy size and is manageable to carry or move around food processing plant or warehousing. Being made here in NZ and out of Poly Propylene recycle number 5 it can go back into the recycling stream after use if needed. IFP Rapid Range is just another way to save.



Length (mm)


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Polypropylene (100% Recyclable), Suitable for Food Contact

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