3.5L-Square-Pail-Lid-1024x1024 3.5l-pail-square-lid

Lid for 3.5 Litre Square Pail

• Fits 3.5L pail base
• TE (Tamper Evident)
• Approved for food




Polypropylene (100% Recyclable), Suitable for Food Contact

It is so important to offer Tamper Evident (TE for short) lids on pails or tubs product that are going to a food industry end user. At IFP Group our wide range of packing containment offers plenty of options for TE containment. 3.5 litre lids are in white Polypropylene (PP for short) and match up with the 18080500100 base with plastic handle. Ideal for product packing and space saving due to being square. If you need more specifications on this product please contact the IFP team.

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