Lamson Size 4 Divider

Lamson Size 4 Divider

$2.64 excl. GST

• Use to divide size 4 & 4-230 bins lengthways
• Creates two compartments
• Made from sturdy polypropylene
• Available in opaque white only
• Manufactured in New Zealand

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Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

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The size 4 divider serves as a versatile accessory compatible with both the size 4 and size 4-230 Lamson bins. Designed to easily insert lengthways down the middle of the bin, this divider ingeniously divides the interior space, creating two distinct compartments. This innovative feature provides added adaptability for sorting and organising various items within the bin to meet your specific needs.

Manufactured with precision in New Zealand, the divider is manufactured from opaque white polypropylene which is also 100% recyclable. This material not only ensures durability but also lends a clean and sophisticated aesthetic to seamlessly integrate with the design of the Lamson bins. The commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident, promising a reliable solution for optimising storage efficiency.

Embrace the convenience of the size 4 divider as it transforms both the size 4 and size 4-230 Lamson bins into highly functional storage solutions. Whether you’re seeking to segregate specific items or create designated spaces within the bin, this divider proves to be an invaluable tool for elevating the organisation of your storage setup. Invest in enhanced flexibility and durability with this New Zealand-made size 4 divider.


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