Lamson Size 4 Cross Divider

Lamson Size 4 Cross Divider

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• Divides size 4 Lamson bins crossways
• Can also be used with 4-230, 4-300 and 4-400 bins
• Creates multiple compartments
• Only available in opaque
• Made from durable polypropylene

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Polypropylene (100% Recyclable)

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Made from durable moulded polypropylene in an opaque white finish, the Size 4 divider is a versatile accessory designed to easily integrate into Lamson bins. Also suitable for the 4-230, 4-300, and 4-400 bins, the divider offers a flexible solution to customise storage space. In the 4-230 bin, a single divider elegantly slots crosswise, effectively partitioning the interior into distinct compartments. Meanwhile, the 4-300 bin accommodates three dividers per bin, allowing for the creation of multiple smaller sections tailored to individual organisational needs. For the spacious 4-400 bin, the Size 4 divider extends its utility with the capability to introduce five dividers per bin, optimising storage by subdividing the large space into smaller, more manageable units.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, this Size 4 divider exemplifies quality and precision. Its construction from sturdy polypropylene ensures durability, making it a reliable and long lasting addition to Lamson bins. The opaque white colour not only adds a clean aesthetic but also maintains an element of discretion, keeping the contents subtly concealed. Enhance your organizational experience with the Size 4 divider, an innovative solution that brings efficiency and order to your storage spaces.


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