Crate 54 Litre Stack and Nest Fish Bin Rapid Range
360 Crate 54 Litre Stack and Nest Fish Bin Rapid Range

Crate 54 Litre Stack and Nest Rapid Range

$14.95$18.68 incl. GST


• 54 Litre capacity
• Length 680mm Width 410mm Height 260mm
• Made in NZ from food grade Poly Propylene
• Stack and Nest
• Another great product in IFP Groups Rapid Range
• End of line – available stock only


This sturdily constructed Rapid Range Crate gives entry level quality for the right price. They come in colours that are all food grade for identification in processing plants. The Black Crate is manufactured in Reclaim material so is not suitable for food processing but is still up to the job of warehousing and distribution with the added benefit of using a product in a second life cycle. The unit can be used with the Enviro Skate found on page 25. This product is just a great option for stacking and storage of product with an economic price point while supporting NZ made.

Available in Blue, Black and Red.

680 × 410 × 260 mm





Blue, Black, Red