Dispensing Pump 10ml with 38/400 Cap

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  • Suitable for jerry cans
  • Ribbed collar
  • Higher viscosity liquids
  • 38/400 closure

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Dip Tube


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Designed to handle higher viscosity liquids with ease, the 10ml dispensing pump stands out with its lock down head and flap valve tailored specifically for thicker substances. Ideal for jerry cans featuring a closure size of 38/400, this pump ensures a secure fit, making it a dependable choice for various applications. Boasting a substantial 280mm dip tube, the pump caters to larger containers, and for added convenience, the tube can be easily cut to a customised length if necessary.

Available in a clean white hue, the dispensing pump exudes a classic aesthetic that easily blends into different settings. Its ribbed collar enhances user experience, providing a tactile surface for effortless handling during dispensing. This user-friendly pump is not only practical for higher viscosity liquids but also adaptable to individual needs with its customisable dip tube length.

Embrace efficiency and reliability with this 10ml dispensing pump, where thoughtful design meets versatility. Whether you’re dealing with thicker liquids in a professional or personal setting, this pump offers a tailored solution, ensuring ease of use and precise dispensing for a range of higher viscosity substances.