Manufacturer’s are constantly under fire for their part in the continuing battle against single use packaging. More are turning to compostable packaging as an alternative and the latest to trial this is our favourite New Zealand chocolate manufacturer, Whittaker’s.

Check out this article for more information on what they are up to.

UPDATE AUGUST 2021: So Whittaker’s have released their findings from their compostable packaging trial. Check out the details here

We commend you Whittaker’s for putting yourself out there for public opinion on this topic, it’s never an easy thing to do!

Composting is certainly a hot topic these days and in particular when it comes to packaging and packaging waste. There are many a keen gardener out there with amazing gardens, both vegetable and flower or plants and many of them attribute their success to their home compost. Keep up the good work New Zealanders, every little bit counts!



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